Hillbilly dating dating an aloof man

But just as things appeared like they couldn't get any better, she fell victim to a date rape, which she kept to herself because she was afraid it would bring shame to her family's name.

Paul Newman, Richard Beymer, and Susan Strasberg were filming the movie, Adventures of A Young Man in a town nearby Verona.

With a group of friends, Sharon came upon the movie set and caught Richard Beymer's eye.

He invited her to lunch and gave her his agent's number telling her to contact him if she was ever in the States.

Sharon started doing Television commercials while Gefsky shopped her around town eventually landing her a deal with Martin Ransohoff, CEO of decided to invest in Sharon, spending over 0,000 on her.

In-between photo shoots she would take acting, singing, and dancing lessons.

This role was strictly for her to get a little practice.

Their love affair was intense but it was far from perfect, they fought, and not just with words.Sharon's parents were quite impressed with Sebring; both seemed to agree that he treated Sharon well. Lee Thompson, about a cult that preformed ritual human sacrifice to guarantee a lavish grape harvest.Starring in the picture, were David Niven, Kim Novak, and David Hemmings.Both Sharon's parents and Martin Ransohoff disapproved of the relationship; both felt that Forquet would stand in the way of her career.Meanwhile, Sharon was given a small walk-on role on the .

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