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The main controversy is with regard to the timing of these geodynamic processes.

Different groups of researchers have considered that orogeny ended either in the early Paleozoic [11], the Devonian-Carboniferous [12], or even late Permian to middle Triassic [7-8].

However, Phanerozoic granites occupy the majority of the block.

The Songliao Basin formed in the late Mesozoic over a basement of Phanerozoic granites and Palaeozoic strata [7].

The complicated orogenic processes of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB), characterized by considerable Phanerozoic continental growth and mantle-crust interaction, generated the Central Asian Metallogenic Domain with world-class ore deposits [1-10].

However, the connections between orogenic processes, continental growth, mantle-crust interaction and ore deposit formation unsolved.

The Hulan Group mainly crops out in the Hongqiling–Piaohechun area, and is composed predominantly of mica schist, gneiss, amphibolite and marble which were interpreted as the final products related to the closure of the Paleo-Asian Ocean [7,19,20].

The late Paleozoic strata are distributed mainly in the Panshi area and consist of sandstone, siltstone, shale, mudstone and carbonate, indicating a shallow marine sedimentary environment.

The new data provide important insights into understanding of the mineralization processes and geodynamic setting of the Hongqiling Cu–Ni ore deposit in NE China.However, it is commonly accepted that the major continental growth and large-scale mineralization were in the late Carboniferous-Permian to early Mesozoic [2,13].Therefore the relationships between these various geodynamic processes require further study.The major Hongqiling Cu-Ni sulfide deposit in central Jilin Province is located in the eastern part of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt.Rhenium and osmium isotopes in sulfide minerals from the deposit have been used to determine the timing of mineralization and the source of osmium and, by inference, the ore metals.

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Development of Re-Os geochronology for crustal matrices has been ongoing since 1998 in the laboratory.

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